Born on September 26th, 1969 in Tehran, I graduated from Razi high school and after attaining 5th rank in university entrance examination, I began studying medicine in Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Gradually from early years of university study, I became interested in the psychological aspects of human life and psychodynamic concepts of great pioneers in this field. Undoubtedly however, one of the most important factors that made me a psychiatrist was my psychiatry internship period on the supervision by Dr. Sahami and Dr. Rafaatian which was greatly influential to me to select psychiatry as the most attractive specialty after acceptance in postgraduate examination in 1999.

Studying psychiatry as a specialty was so impressive in Roozbeh hospital, the most well-known center of psychiatric learning and treatment in Iran, especially at the supervision by great professors like Dr. Tarighati, Dr. MirSepasi, Dr. Sanaati, Dr. GhasemZadeh and others. In this period, I worked on many article and lectures, some of them have been published in Iranian and foreign journals.

After graduation, my sub-special experience was concentrated on three major subjects:

1.Working in a referral OCD clinic was an invaluable source of practical experience in management of obsessive patients especially those with severe and uncommon forms of the disorder.


2. Working and experiencing psychiatry in a general hospital have had its pros and cons; it has been so impressive as long as its difficulties. However, the most important impact was to draw my attention to the complex inter-relation of psychic and medical aspects of patients’ complaints through which my study and experience began in psycho-oncology, an innovative and pioneering field in psychiatry. I had some lectures on psycho-oncology in monthly meetings of Iranian Association of Surgeons and also some articles in this field, published in Iranian Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.


3. In the spectrum of psychotherapeutic managements, the most interesting field to me is couple therapy. None of the major schools of couple therapy practically meets delicate relations and complexities of a family entirely and complete understanding of families’ situation and interaction needs not only knowing a family system and structure of power but also analysis of personalities and their inter-relation, plays and transactions of the two persons, stages and crises throughout life, as long as cultural interactions and marital myths.

Art is so attractive to me. I’ve done painting for many years and also played and arranged music for more years. I have a great library with numerous books and also an eye-catching archive of films.

I’m married; my dear wife is an OB GYN surgeon and I have a beautiful daughter.